Our Roadmap
Short term:
‌In the short term we are working on stabilising the platform, contracts and getting the word out. This includes extensive updates to the front end to clean it up, as well as provide clarity and better navigation.
‌We are continuously working on listings and getting the word out about Alchemist DeFi.
‌Marketing and brand awareness is as strong focus for the project, we have brought on Alchemist Bron who is a wizard with marketing, in her non Alchemist life she owns her own marketing company. More importantly she has the drive to ensure we create a strong market presence. .
‌Our focus and attention are on native tokens and native pairings. We push as much of the APR to these pools to encourage investors to hold our tokens. This has helped us maintain price stability as well as build a loyal community of core investors.
‌The key to understanding our approach to partnerships is that we are very selective in who we want to partner with. The main reason behind this is that we are looking to change the narrative and the landscape on BSC (and DeFi in general). We want to be open, honest and trustworthy. Providing a safe space for our community to invest and learn. Thus, we take the responsibility of selecting partners very seriously. The projects we have partnered with are all projects we would trust our own savings with. We also do not believe that partnerships should be paid for, so we only partner with another project for the mutual benefit of both communities, not because we paid them/got paid by them.
Medium term
‌One of the biggest goals we must achieve on this project is utility. A token without utility is worthless, we want to continue working to ensure that our native tokens have utility and are sought after by those that hold them. With that in mind, NFT's are a major part of the roadmap as well as a DAO. Both of which we are actively working on in the background.
Without giving away too much, know that the purpose of the NFTs will be to provide a space for creators, but also a space where investors can buy NFTs that have additional functions in the Alchemist DeFiVerse. Our NFTs will only be available to purchase with our native tokens and as such will create additional liquidity in the native tokens.
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