Alchemist Defi
How we burn tokens
In order for us Alchemists to continually increase the value of our tokens and reward high yields to our investors, we are committed to burn as many tokens as possible. We have thus implemented the following features:
  • Buyback Burning Mechanism
  • Transfer Tax Burning Mechanism
  • Automated inflation reduction
The finer details of this Alchemy are as follows:
Buyback Burning Mechanism 🔥
  • Deposit fees of 2-9% are charged on non-native and second layer pools.
  • 40% of the deposit fees will be allocated to buyback MIST and AURUM to burn and for use in competitions and giveaways to our community.
  • 10% of the deposit fees will be allocated to a marketing fund.
  • 50% of the deposit fees will be allocated to buyback MIST and AURUM which is kept in the dev wallet for further development and an emergency fund.
  • Buyback burning will happen as needed to maintain a stable price.
Transfer Tax Burning Mechanism
  • For every transaction that occurs using our tokens, 2% is burned immediately. Transactions include buying, sending, swapping, creating LPs, staking, un-staking etc.
  • This 2% transfer burn happens automatically in every transaction.
  • Use 2.5%+ slippage to buy MIST and AURUM on Pancake Swap or other AMM. Less than 2% slippage will cause the transaction to fail.
Automated inflation reduction
  • The initial emission rate was 0.7 MIST and 0.006 AURUM per block, to provide initial liquidity.
  • The emission rate was reduced by 5% every 9,600 blocks (~8 hours) automatically until it reached 0.3 MIST and 0.001 AURUM per block.
  • Our emission rate reduction logic was coded in the smart contract and was executed automatically.
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