You are an all-powerful wizard who, while casting a spell on earth, got blasted across dimensions to the Island of Aura. Unfortunately with the interdimensional shift you lost most of your magical powers and are now a mere Warlock. To make matters worse, your wand got damaged during the transition, which means you have no way to cast spells, and thus no way back to your earthly dimension.
The only silver lining is that your trusty owl, Hugo, made it to Aura with you. Hugo was also injured and now can’t fly as far as he used to. Your wizard hat made it to the new dimension unscathed and can act as a portal (marketplace) for small items between the Island of Aura and your home dimension. But what will you send?
Using your broken wand, you manage to conjure one last spell before the wand gives up, draining all your energy in the process. Fortunately, the spell you cast was a creation spell, with which you conjured a basic castle. You can now store the food that you scavenge, for longer periods of time and more importantly, you and Hugo have a place to rest that is protected from the elements and easily defendable.
The island of Aura is vast and expansive. In the distance, you can see vast mountain ranges, lush, green forests, endless beaches and ancient caves. As you are deep in thought, Hugo approaches with some exciting news! He has discovered more owls on the island! These owls are known as the “Owls of Origin”.
Each of these owls has its own unique magical abilities that they have evolved to survive in the harsh habitat of the island. The owls thus develop abilities to suit their specific environment in different parts of the island. As a gesture of goodwill and friendship, the owls of origin gave Hugo the “Leaf of Creation”, an enchanted leaf with special magical abilities. They didn’t tell Hugo much about the mysterious leaf, only that it will assist Hugo and those sharing the quest with him.
You start to realise that befriending the owls of origin could be your best option at exploring the Island and bringing back resources to cast spells, create potions, increase your magical abilities and hopefully, one day maybe get back to your own dimension. You combine what’s left of your damaged wand with the power of the “Leaf of Creation” and create an Aviary. With the Aviary up and running, you are now able to offer the “Owls of Origin” a place to rest and eat in peace and quiet.
Late one evening, as you are planning the routes your owls will need to fly the following day, you get an idea! You can start breeding “Owls of Origin” and send them back to your dimension, planet Earth through the portal (marketplace) provided by your hat.
Offspring of the “Owls of Origin” will be worth a lot in your home dimension as they are one of a kind and extremely rare! You will also be able to collect and keep as many owls as you want to in your home dimension, this way when you return home you will have enough resources and be able to cast the most powerful spells. This will assist you in completing your earthly mission...but more on that later.
For now, your priorities are clear. Befriend the “Owls of Origin” to work alongside them to access the resources of the Island of Aura, allow them to teach you how to cast more powerful spells and start breeding your own super owl team.
The more owls you have on the Island of Aura, the more resources you can obtain.
You can choose to send these resources through the portal (our marketplace) or use them on the Island of Aura. You can also choose to send the owls you breed through the portal (marketplace), or you can keep them on the Island of Aura to source more resources for you.
As the Island of Aura grows and expands these resources will become worth more and give you the ability to create potions, which will make you more powerful on the island.
You can also send the rare island resources back through the portal (marketplace) to sell to other Warlocks/Magicians/Wizards/Alchemists.
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