FAQ's and Tips

What do I do if I cannot see my LP's in the "Liquidity" page

If you have already unstaked your LP's from the farms and you would like to redeem the LP's back to their original tokens, you would normally navigate to Trade > Liquidity and then remove your LP's
If for any reason you cannot see your LP's in that list you can always go directly to "remove" page for a given pair. All you need are the 2 token addresses and the following URL
The URL above is broken down into the URL for the exchange then #/remove/token1address/token2address. You can substitute those addresses if needed.

How does the project make money? Or how does the team get paid?

Have a read over the Tokenomics and How we burn section(s) to get a good understanding of the project.
The project is based on a takeover, which means the current project leadership and owners are all community members. With that in mind, it would be safe to see this project as a "Community" project with a few dedicated community members.
To answer the question, the only money made, earned and used is from deposit fees on the pools with fees. There is no premine and no developer allocation.
This means that marketing, developments and administration all comes from the 2%-9% received on pools that charge a deposit fee.
In addition, as per our burn mandate, those fees are actually even further diluted and used to burn tokens in addition to doing all the marketing, listings etc.
The Developer, Marketing and Administration team get allocations at the end of a month after we paid for what's required and what's burnt. As it stands to date, this fee is very low right now, and our philosophy is not to try and get rich off the start of the project. We believe in the project and as such are holding our MIST and AURUM tokens we earned though purchasing with our private funds or the % earned from the above. If the token does well we all do well. We are just as invested in this project as our investors.
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