Official projects that we have partnered with.
Our approach to partnerships is pretty straight forward. Projects that are looking to partner should follow the same values and philosophy that we do as a project. Being open, honest as well as passing our due dilegence process. We are definitely not looking to partner with every project out there, simply for the sake of partnering. Partnerships are made based on mutual benefit for both communities, not for monetary gain by either of the partners (we don't pay or charge for partnerships and never will).
Partnerships completed thus far.
        Knights Defi Great project, with a great team behind the project. The narrative behind knights fits well within the Alchemist DeFiVerse and as such we have shared pools on each platform.
        Knights have a KNIGHT MIST pool on their site.
        Alchemist DeFi have a SQUIRE MIST pool on our site.
      BSCDog : BSCDOG uses the dynamic RFI frictionless staking mechanism to reward holders. Each transaction incurs a 3% charge which is then redistributed to all token holders proportional to the amount of BSCDOG held.The team at BSCDog are solid and have a similar mindset to the Alchemist team. They are all about being open and honest.
Future Partnerships
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